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                                                                                                    2020 CONFERENCE & AGM 

                                                                                          14, 15 & 16th August
                                                         Parmelia Hilton Hotel
                                                          14 Mill Street, Perth

Dear WAATA members
Given that the COVID 19 situation has rapidly evolved in Australia, the WAATA Committee have decided to postpone the Annual Conference to 2021.
The Committee believe it is the best action to take, to ensure the health and well-being of our community.  
In regard to the 2020 AGM, we have sent an application requesting further time to hold the AGM to the Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) and await their reply.  We will continue to keep all members informed of this outcome and all other relevant information via facebook, email, website and newsletters. The committee is also looking into ways to help keep our members connected via webinars and other methods of IT.  Stay well and let’s look after each other the best way we can. 
WAATA Committee





The Management committee wish to thank our 2019 Conference participants and presenters.

2019 Accommodation Information
Parking Options Parmelia Hilton
Secure Parking – Parmelia Hilton

2019 Conference Presenters’ biographies
Session 1
1.1   Numeracy – Why it’s important in everyday life Sue Charlick &  Leanne Sharp
1.2   Phonemic Awareness – Denyse Ritchie     THRASS 
1.3   Anaphylaxis Education – St Johns
1.4   Relationships Education Workshop – Jordina Quain     SECCA
Session 2
2.1   Strategies to Support Social & Emotional Dev’t – Heather Jones     FASD
2.2   Early Intervention for High School AOD – Catriona Coe     SDERA
2.3   STEM A Hands On Approach – Brenda Wann Waggrakine PS
2.4   Classroom Wellness Working with Anxiety – Jessica Marmoy
Session 3
3.1   Developing Numeracy – Martine Thurkle TDS Allendale PS
3.2   Introduction to Oral Language    Kendra Bell – Hayes
3.3   Supporting Students with Dysgraphia – Natalie Nicholls
3.4   High School Mental Health & Resilience – Ben Aldridge

Session 4
4.1   Yoga & Meditation   –   Karen Haddon
4.2   Effectively Teaching and Supporting Students with Low Working Memory  –  Shirley Houston 
4.3   Promoting the Independence of our Students – Natasha Hewson & Matt Docherty  (SSEN – D)
4.4   Art Therapy – Skye Keillor

Keynote Speaker
Swimming with Sharks – Clara Harris 
Dinner Speaker
Tamie Douglas 2018 EA of the Year
Plenary Speaker
Executive Functioning  –  Dr Michele Toner     ADHD WA

Previous Conference information
2018 Conference program

Providers of our lanyards and pouches

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